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When will I receive my photos?
Generally, I process photos approx 14 days after a show, which means your order can take as long as 3 weeks.
Why does it take so long to get my photos and will you forget me?
Due to the number of orders I receive and the number of shows/events I cover, I like to process the majority of orders for each show at the same time and by the time I get them back from our professional lab and mail them out...it is usually close to 3 weeks. Will I forget you...absolutely not. If you got a confirmation email, then your order should be received within 3 weeks. If you do not receive your order within 3 weeks, please email us and let us know. I want you to be a happy customer!
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes most credit/debit cards can be processed either through PayPal or over the phone if you email or phone the order to me.
What other types of payments do you accept then?
I accept personal/business cheques and postal orders for orders sent in by snail mail.
I ordered from more than one gallery, why do I have to fill out separate order forms and will I be charged more than once for shipping?
You will only be charged for shipping ONCE as long as all of your orders are placed within the same time frame (same day). Unfortunately if you pay by Paypal then you will be charged shipping more than once however don’t worry I will refund any extra shipping you’ve been charged as soon as I receive your orders. At the present time, my shopping cart does not have the ability to consolidate orders; however that feature is on a wish list with my programmer.
I only wish to purchase an advert from Dog World do I still have to pay shipping?
Unfortunately if you pay by PayPal then you will be charged shipping however don’t worry I will refund the shipping you’ve been charged as soon as I receive your order. This too is on my wish list with my programmer.
What happens after I place my order?
First, if you submit your order online you will receive a CONFIRMATION EMAIL stating your order was submitted to K9 Photos successfully. Second, once I receive your order, I will process it, have it printed by a professional lab, and then send the PHOTO(S) to you. Once you receive your photos, if you are NOT satisfied with your order, I ask that you send the photos back and your money will be refunded.
Will my photos look better than what I see on the website?
Yes! Most of the photos you view on the website have NOT been optimized for prints. Once I receive an order, your photos will be edited for colour and clarity as well as cropping when indicated.
I don't want a print...I want a digital file?
Under normal circumstances I don't offer my photographs as digital files. I care about how a photo looks and can only be responsible for photos where I ‘m the only one handling the digital file. IF you are insistent on a digital file, they can be purchased  with a copyright. for use on the web The photograph will be cropped as a 6x4. 72dpi and
sent on a cd
I did not receive my photos 1?
We do not process orders unless we have all contact information, including a WORKING EMAIL address and phone. If your email or phone is incorrect, we will not process the order. You should receive a confirmation EMAIL after every order.
I did not receive my photos 2?
Email us and tell us when you ordered your photos. We will track and verify your order, and replace it if necessary



 Full copyright belongs to the photographer.(Steve Jefford )

A release fee of 5.00 per Photograph will be charged for use of photographs used in advertisements in Year Books. The by-line ‘Photo by Steve Jefford’ Should appear beneath or alongside the advertisement. If the by-line is not included, a breach of copyright fee of up to 250.00 will be charged to the publisher. For other use permission must be sought in writing and a fee agreed.